To Fall, Or Not To Fall

As parents, we are so proud of our children. They are smart and beautiful and talented and funny… not to mention the best at everything. We are their parents. Of course, we are going to be proud. We should be proud. When we are proud, they see our excitement and are encouraged by our positive feedback. Children should feel as if they can conquer the world. Their dreams should reach the stars. Yes, some of their dreams are going to be a little, well, unattainable; such as, becoming a fairy or a ninja or a Superhero. But, is there really any harm in that? Their innocence will be replaced by real life experiences far too early, anyway. Why not let their dreams be magic? Who knows, that fantasy may lead them down a road that isn’t so silly; like a teacher or a fitness trainer or a doctor… That really is magic, isn’t it?

As we cheer our children on, what happens when they hit a little bump in the road? What happens when they don’t win or get chosen or make the grade? I understand wanting to protect our children from feeling pain. Seeing the disappointment in their eyes is heart wrenching. However, life is full of disappointments and I would rather my children learn how to handle the overwhelming emotions life throws at them from me… not from strangers. I want to be the one to help them understand those situations that seem so unfair. I want to be the one to teach them how to get back up and try again instead of allowing anger or sadness to take control.  What I don’t want is my children growing up, entering the world, suddenly being hit with “life” and having no idea how to handle themselves.

So, yes, I do believe we should let our children fall… but help them get back up. Help them understand what they are feeling and how to work through it. A few bumps in the road, here and there, builds character, strength and drive. It provides them with the knowledge needed to actually achieve that dream… and maybe even dream a little bigger.

“Cheers” to us, Moms!


The Joke Is On Us

Amongst all of the amazing experiences we have while raising our children, there is one big, nasty prank… and it lasts about five years. As our children grow, they somehow mutate into these unrecognizable creatures we call “teenagers”. It seems to happen over night and there doesn’t seem to be an explanation as to why this undesirable stage of life exists… except to add a few years of wrinkles, gray hairs and stories to tell. Don’t worry, however, I’ve been told it’s just temporary and, if we can withstand the storm, we will see our sweet children again… someday.

These creatures are completely unpredictable and sneaky… oh boy are they sneaky. Their  personalities can change in the blink of an eye, so be on your toes. You may be having a completely lovely conversation one minute and, the next thing you know… you are suddenly listening to an ear-piercing sound that doesn’t even slightly resemble a coherent sentence. There’s no point in trying to reason with the screeching nonsense, because, at some point during the mutation into this creature, the ability to think logically has been completely lost. Don’t plan on trying to calm down the situation with a favorite snack or dinner, because their preferences change daily… sometimes hourly. Certainly, don’t try to make a joke to change the overall mood, because they are capable of rolling back their eyes so far that there’s a small chance their eyes might actually stay that way.

I’ve spent many evenings pondering ideas to conquer these creatures. Are there headphones that translate the high pitch squeal? Can we replace the battery in their brain to refill the currently empty common sense file? Is there a crystal ball to determine what the trend for each hour will be?

Unfortunately, I have yet to find any solution to assist us in the passing of this prank. So, as of now, all we can do is keep our sense of humor, start practicing yoga and stock up on wine.

“Cheers” to us, Moms!


Most Active Blog Award!

Active Award

Wow! Thank you so much to my fellow blogger, Plz Do Life, for nominating me for this award! What an honor and wonderful opportunity! If you haven’t checked out Plz Do Life, you are missing out! Her blog is incredible. She writes about her life journey… her daily struggles, triumphs and thoughts. Her words are real and heartfelt. She has a point of view that is unique, but with a twist of humor. It’s definitely worth your time.

I now have the privilege of nominating five bloggers who I feel deserve this award.  There are so many wonderful blogs, I had a hard time deciding… but, my nominees are:

  1. Secret Life of a Stay at Home Mom: This momma is so real and funny! She will give it to you straight! Being a SAHM isn’t easy and it isn’t always pretty or fun… but she will make it very entertaining to read about! I just love her posts.
  2. Comically Quirky:  A wonderful quit wit, this mom’s blog is full of unique topics and  laughs.
  3. New life-Fresh you : This blog is full of great ideas and tips about beauty… from homemade products, to skin treatments, to storage solutions! Her blog is wonderful!
  4. Doodle 2 Learn:  This blog is a one of a kind! She talks about using art/doodles to help her teach and connect with her students. Every post is incredibly interesting to read.
  5. Celebrate Picture Books: Every day, this blog reviews another amazing picture book. If you are a book lover and enjoy reading to your children, this is a great opportunity to discover new stories.

Nominees, here are the rules:

  • Create a new post saying that you’ve been nominated by me, including a link to my blog.
  • Nominate other bloggers and let the cycle continue.

When Mommas Cry

This last month, my life has been an extreme challenge. One of those months when everything seems to be falling apart… including myself. Around every corner, there seems to be another crumbling wall that I’m desperately trying to hold together. I’m one who would rather handle everything on my own than let the world know what my family is going through. So, I keep most of it to myself, picking up every little piece of the wall and carrying on…

But, what happens when it’s momma’s turn to cry?

No matter how strong we are, sometimes mommas need to cry, too. We are not made of stone. So, why do we try so hard to hold in our emotions during the most difficult of times? And, when we do allow ourselves to cry, why do we cry behind closed doors and not in front of our children?

I completely understand sheltering our children from the adult worries in life such as losing a job or struggles with a significant other. However, wouldn’t it be okay for our children to at least see us have emotions?… to know it’s okay to be sad or scared? When they ask what’s wrong, we could simply answer “Mommy’s just having a really bad day, but a big hug from you would make me feel a lot better.” or “I made a mistake today and I feel bad. I could really use a hug.” We shouldn’t be teaching our children that these feelings are wrong and that we should never feel weak, because being strong all of the time is exactly what will make us the weakest!

We have emotions for a reason. They help us get through every type of situation life hands us. The more we acknowledge them, the stronger we get and the more enjoyable life is. So, if you need to cry, mommas, just cry! Really, it’s okay!

Karma Is A Teenage Daughter

Karma… it’s real!… and it comes with a sweet little face, a beautiful smile and a laugh that can light up a room. Don’t be fooled! This is just an alter ego. Karma is indeed… a teenage daughter.

I wasn’t an easy child in my teenage years. I like to think I kept life interesting. Ha! Okay, I was a handful. It’s true, the middle child is the reason rules are made. At least that was the case with me and my siblings… and it is definitely the case with my children.

My mother used to say “Wait until you have kids. This will all come back to haunt you.” Of course, I didn’t believe her, but she was right!! I have been blessed with the Queen of Drama Queens. She is the epitome of Drama Queens. She is, I dare say, a phenomenon. She can turn any situation into a huge dramatic event and make sure she is the center of attention… and I mean ANY situation. And, if something big actually does happen in her life?… find the earplugs and pull out the yoga mat, cuz you will hear about it again and again and again and again. I have never seen anything like it. The girl’s got a gift!

The best part of all of this is the fact that she’s only 13!! Yep, you read that right. She just stepped into her teenage years and has already mastered her craft. I still have five more years of this! That means, I have five more years until I’m completely gray… cuz I know she’s the one that will do it to me.

So, yes, Karma IS real and it WILL come back to get ya… in the form of a teenage daughter… better have your wine ready!

“Cheers” to us, Moms!