A Mother’s Job


One female to be available 24/7, through sickness and in health and with very little sleep. Must be willing to put aside all of ones own needs and wants and selflessly give ones life to caring for another human being. Must be able to:

  1. feed the mouths of those who will talk back in defiance
  2. lift the spirits of those who will, at times, break yours
  3. wipe the tears of those who may cause you to cry
  4. help those who are incapable of helping you
  5. listen to those who will not stop to lend you an ear


  1. educated enough to be modest
  2. strong enough to be gentle
  3. relentless enough to be compassionate
  4. passionate enough to be sensible
  5. experienced enough to be understanding

CRAZY? Yes! Our job is insane! Can you imagine what our brains and bodies go through every day in order to accomplish this job we call “motherhood”? It truly is a miracle we make it to the end of each day without completely losing our minds. (I honestly believe this is why wine was invented.) We get it done, though… each and every day. We never stop. Why? Because, we love our children and we are more than happy to give our everything to them. But, don’t forget to stop and give yourself a little credit. Look at our job description? We deserve a “you go girl!” Don’t you think?

“Cheers!” to us, Moms. We are amazing!

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