To Fall, Or Not To Fall

As parents, we are so proud of our children. They are smart and beautiful and talented and funny… not to mention the best at everything. We are their parents. Of course, we are going to be proud. We should be proud. When we are proud, they see our excitement and are encouraged by our positive feedback. Children should feel as if they can conquer the world. Their dreams should reach the stars. Yes, some of their dreams are going to be a little, well, unattainable; such as, becoming a fairy or a ninja or a Superhero. But, is there really any harm in that? Their innocence will be replaced by real life experiences far too early, anyway. Why not let their dreams be magic? Who knows, that fantasy may lead them down a road that isn’t so silly; like a teacher or a fitness trainer or a doctor… That really is magic, isn’t it?

As we cheer our children on, what happens when they hit a little bump in the road? What happens when they don’t win or get chosen or make the grade? I understand wanting to protect our children from feeling pain. Seeing the disappointment in their eyes is heart wrenching. However, life is full of disappointments and I would rather my children learn how to handle the overwhelming emotions life throws at them from me… not from strangers. I want to be the one to help them understand those situations that seem so unfair. I want to be the one to teach them how to get back up and try again instead of allowing anger or sadness to take control.  What I don’t want is my children growing up, entering the world, suddenly being hit with “life” and having no idea how to handle themselves.

So, yes, I do believe we should let our children fall… but help them get back up. Help them understand what they are feeling and how to work through it. A few bumps in the road, here and there, builds character, strength and drive. It provides them with the knowledge needed to actually achieve that dream… and maybe even dream a little bigger.

“Cheers” to us, Moms!


5 thoughts on “To Fall, Or Not To Fall

  1. I’m the queen of letting my kid fail. I think the worst thing a parent can do is not let a kid fail. How else do you teach resilience and confidence! I wrote a blog about it a few months ago- not a play to read my blogs, but just a sentiment of exactly how strong I feel about this subject. Great post

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