When Mommas Cry

This last month, my life has been an extreme challenge. One of those months when everything seems to be falling apart… including myself. Around every corner, there seems to be another crumbling wall that I’m desperately trying to hold together. I’m one who would rather handle everything on my own than let the world know what my family is going through. So, I keep most of it to myself, picking up every little piece of the wall and carrying on…

But, what happens when it’s momma’s turn to cry?

No matter how strong we are, sometimes mommas need to cry, too. We are not made of stone. So, why do we try so hard to hold in our emotions during the most difficult of times? And, when we do allow ourselves to cry, why do we cry behind closed doors and not in front of our children?

I completely understand sheltering our children from the adult worries in life such as┬álosing a job or struggles with a significant other. However, wouldn’t it be okay for our children to at least see us have emotions?… to know it’s okay to be sad or scared? When they ask what’s wrong, we could simply answer “Mommy’s just having a really bad day, but a big hug from you would make me feel a lot better.” or “I made a mistake today and I feel bad. I could really use a hug.” We shouldn’t be teaching our children that these feelings are wrong and that we should never feel weak, because being strong all of the time is exactly what will make us the weakest!

We have emotions for a reason. They help us get through every type of situation life hands us. The more we acknowledge them, the stronger we get and the more enjoyable life is. So, if you need to cry, mommas, just cry! Really, it’s okay!

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