Three Kids, A Mom And A Circus Act

We’ve all been there…those days, weeks (sometimes months) when you feel like you’re surrounded by a three-ring circus and you are the only performer… besides the little clowns running around tossing buckets of water on themselves and bonking each other on the head with foam bats. You are the balancing act, the juggling act and, most important, the ringmaster. The times when, it seems, everyone’s schedule is twice as busy, you have three times as many errands to run, the dog needs to go to the groomers, one child has a dentist appointment, another child has an eye exam…then, suddenly, one child needs another piece of sporting equipment and the other reminds you he needs his senior pictures taken and… I think you know what I’m talking about, right?

As moms, we work hard to juggle everyone’s schedule, including our own, in order to get everything accomplished and keep everyone happy. We struggle to balance all of the craziness with just a few moments of peace, so we can reconnect with our children and make sure their world is calm and happy. However, if we were actually achieving this balancing act, wouldn’t the amount of peace be a bit more equal to the amount of craziness?

I think, as moms, we tend to be overachievers and, when you’re in the middle of a circus act, it’s easy to forget that our children need time with us just as much as they need opportunities to explore the world and discover who they are. Maybe it’s not that big of a deal if the laundry doesn’t get sorted for a few days and just piles up in a huge mess of clean clothes or the dishwasher doesn’t get emptied or the dog has to wait a couple more weeks to go to the groomers. Let’s take the pressure off of ourselves, lower our own expectations of ourselves… and make some memories with our children. They won’t be little forever and they will want to look back at their lives and have memories of time spent with us just as much as we will want to look back and have memories of them.

So, let’s leave the dishes in the sink and go outside for a spontaneous run in the sprinkler or a board game or a game of catch or whatever you like to do… and enjoy our children!

“Cheers” to us, Moms!

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