The Comedic Relief of Exhaustion

Exhaustion: /iɡˈzôsCH(ə)n/ noun 1. a state of extreme physical or mental fatigue

When you’re a mom, however, exhaustion is a mischievous little prankster on a mission to make you look like a fool and feel like an idiot. When you’re a mom, exhaustion is:

  • making a fresh pot of coffee and forgetting to add coffee grounds
  • pouring coffee creamer on your cereal
  • going to the grocery store with your slippers on
  • going to the grocery store and forgetting to bring any of your purchased groceries in from the car
  • putting the milk away in the cupboard
  • waiting for dinner to finish baking in an oven that was never turned on
  • washing 4 loads of laundry using fabric softener as the laundry detergent
  • getting in the car to run an errand, driving for 3 blocks and then realizing you have no idea where you needed to go
  • returning a book to the library that didn’t belong to the library to begin with

Today, I brushed my teeth with my electric toothbrush…without ever turning it on. How does a person stand in front of a mirror for four minutes and completely miss the fact that their attempt to brush their teeth is failing miserably?! When your day starts out like that, you better make sure you have some wine on hand…

Cheers to us, Moms!

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