Before we become parents, we receive endless words of wisdom and thoughtful advice, some of us read books to help prepare for our little bundle of joy, some of us trust that our natural instincts will kick in and some of us even go to parenting classes. Whatever our choice, we all seem to somehow figure this parenting thing out… step by step… trial and error… we find our way.

What I didn’t expect was the amazing, incredible, unexplainable transition from mom… to SUPERMOM! Where do these superpowers come from and why didn’t anyone tell me we had this capability?! Somehow, we manage to hear every conversation that happens in the entire house (Super Hearing Power?), we know where absolutely everything and everyone in the house is at all times (Super Telescopic Vision Power?), we can sense when something isn’t right and can even predict the future and know exactly how someone is going to react or a situation is going to play out (Super Precognition Power?), we have built-in lie detectors (Super Telepathy Power?)… we actually have the ability to know anything and everything (Super Omniscience Power?)…Who Knew?! It drives my kids crazy. They can’t get away with anything and can’t figure out how I could possibly know the things I know. The answer is simple my beautiful children…I have Superpowers!

The power that impresses me the most is our Super Human Mentality Power. The ability to multitask with multiple people dealing with multiple emotions in multiple stages of life…and still remain sane. We can be stern with one child one minute, then turn and be sympathetic to another child the next minute, then turn and be silly and fun to another child the next minute and, at the same time, make supper, do the laundry, deal with the crazy dog, plan for the next day…all while carrying intelligent conversations, handling all situations perfectly and not losing our minds! Crazy, right?! How do we do that?! Again…it’s simple…Superpowers!

We are forces to be reckoned with, Mommas! So, “Cheers” to us!! There is simply no one more super than a mom!

Super Hero Mom!

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