Back To School Once More

The first day back to school is a BIG day…for both the kids and the parents!

The kids spend hours finding the perfect backpack, buying that fresh box of pencils/crayons/etc., picking out that special pair of sneakers, selecting what outfit will make the perfect statement…

The parents…well…let’s start with the school supply list. It’s like bait leading us into a maze where we all act like mice scurrying around trying to find our way to the prize at the end. The prize?…making it through the entire shopping trip with our children, finding all of the listed items and not losing our minds!

Then, depending on the age of our children, we need to get to registration day or back to school night, buy parking passes, get sports physicals, buy any needed sports gear, go to any parent meeting for said sport, put money in the lunch accounts, update all school forms online, find out the bus schedules, make sure to have snacks in stock, have lunch boxes ready to go…I’m sure I’m forgetting something…

It’s enough to make any momma’s mind spin! If you have more than one child to organize for the school year, your mind is now a tornado. If you have more than one child and they are all in different schools, like me (elementary, middle and high school), you have now been driven to the point of wondering when it would be acceptable to open the wine bottle.

But, we all do it and we all manage to get it done, because we are AMAZING! We may not get it done perfectly. We may forget a notebook or a permission slip and have to make a run to school, but, eventually, we get it done!

And, now, I can’t wait until they get home, so I can hear all about their wonderful first day and try to figure out…how did they grow up so fast?! In the mean time, I’m going to take just a moment for me…cuz we all deserve it!

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